See These Ideas For a Tropical Vacation On a Budget

After working for a long year, you need to take some time off and go on vacation. The problem now is that you might not know where to go, especially when you want to take a tropical vacation, as there are several options to consider.

The options that you might consider will focus on spending time at the beach. You can feel the sand under your feet when you take your next tropical vacation. But how do you find the right vacation spot when you are on a budget?


There are at least five places that you need to look at when you consider a tropical vacation. All these options give you a chance to lay back and relax while not blowing a tremendous amount of money. Read on for info on the places you need to go to for your next vacation.


The first place that you can and definitely should look at when considering a tropical vacation spot is the Bahamas. Several people tend to think that this is an overestimated place, but it isn’t! If you imagine paradise in your mind, a picture of the Bahamas should appear.


Here, you have at least 700 islands that you can visit during a vacation. The people of the Bahamas and the beath-taking environment, make this a must-go vacation spot. You have several options you can consider when it comes to accommodation, and flights are never that expensive.

Sri Lanka

One of the places that you may have never thought to go to is Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful tropical vacation destinations. With as little as $700 for a round-trip airline ticket from the U.S.

If you want to take the trip, the best time to do so is from May to September. During this time, you’ll have several people around making the trip all the more enjoyable. The currency in use here is around 37% – 40% under the $ value.



Another place that has its reputation preceding it is Hawaii. Here, you have several affordable flight ticket plans despite being one of the tourist attractions sites. Another thing that makes this trip affordable is the availability of Airbnb.

With Airbnb, as opposed to hotel rooms, you have no room service charge which makes Airbnb less expensive. Airbnb has forced the big resorts on the island to cut down their prices. With manageable accommodations and flights, this should be a highly considered trip.


Fiji might not be at the front of your mind when you’re considering your vacation spot. However, it should be one of them as you can get flights for as low as $600 from the U.S. Don’t discard the beautiful scenery based on the cost of the flights.

Fiji has a lot of beaches where you can lay back and put your feet up while you watch the sunset. You have hotels such as Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort that offer free nights. You have to meet specific requirements to get that offer.

See These Ideas For Tropical Vacation On A Budget
Image Source: Fiji-vacation

Quito, Ecuador

If you are looking to have a vacation around the mountains and interact with locals, then this is the spot to be. Here, you can hike as part of the extra activities that you can take part in while here. You can also have a look at the historical site and have a feel of the country.

When it comes to price, you have rooms that come in from as low as $20 per night. With stylish accommodations that you would otherwise find for fees of up to hundreds of dollars, you can pay less than $100, which is a bargain.


When you are on a budget and want to take a vacation in a tropical environment, you need to search carefully. These places are usually hyped up and based on that their fees are typically very high. Here, however, we have listed several places that you can go on vacation while on a budget.