Easy Ways to Remove Stains With Everyday Household Products

Getting a giant splotch on your favorite outfit sucks, but you can remove stains easily with some stuff you’ve got at home. You already have enough to worry about. So removing stains shouldn’t have to take up a big part of your day.

Being busy leads to mini-accidents that cause you to trip, spill, and wobble. Suddenly, you realize that fresh juice has fallen on your shirt, or there are ink stains over the sleeve of your new dress or your artist daughter has used your favorite top as an apron.


Stains are everywhere, and some act like over-enthusiastic relatives who just refuse to leave. But this does not mean you should add stains to the long list of things that worry you. Here are a few home methods you can use to get rid of those ugly stains.

Easy Ways To Remove Stains With Everyday Household Products

Everyday Household Products You Can Effectively Use To Remove Stains

Remove Stains With Bread

What happens when you are out in a restaurant ordering wine for the company when suddenly, there is wine all over your new coat? While your first instinct would be to wipe it off with a napkin, it would be a horrible idea.


Running a towel over the stain will only rub the wine further in the fabric, and it will be impossible to get out. In this scenario, a piece of white bread proves to be a real winner. All you have to do is dab the fabric gently with a slice to remove the spot.

Absorb Spills With Salt

Salt proves to be an excellent stain spot remover when it comes to oil, wine, or even rust stains. It is a superb absorbent which soaks in the liquid. All you have to do is sprinkle some salt over the fabric and let it sit for a few minutes.

You can then brush the powder off your garment to reveal a much clearer spot.


Vinegar For Everything

White Vinegar is the laundry magic secret even your grandma won’t tell you about. Its cloth whitening and brightening qualities make generations of washer-men preserve it as a family heirloom.

White Vinegar is excellent for the inevitable sweat stains and nasty mildew stains. All you have to do pour a cup of the magical liquid into your final rinse water bucket. What next, your clothes feel soft and fresh.

Remove Kitchen Stains With Chalk

From Eureka moments to vanishing stains, chalk has many desirable qualities. Sprinkling some of it on kitchen stains can help you reduce the stain’s intensity and increase the chances of them disappearing during a regular wash.

Cover the whole stain with the white powder and let it sit for about ten minutes before brushing it off.

Remove Laundry Stains With Milk

Believe it or not, soaking clothes in milk before washing them can significantly get rid of ink and chocolate stains. Let the stained area be submerged under a tray of milk overnight and then give it a regular wash.

Remove Sweat Stains With Lemon

Lemon has many uses in the kitchen, but did you know they are all-rounders in the laundry room too? Lemon essence is acidic and can help weaken fruit juice and sweat stains.

You can mix lemon essence with water and pour it on the spotted material, or you can use lemon with salt to remove rust and mildew stains.

Easy Ways To Remove Stains With Everyday Household Products

Coconut Oil For Spills

Clothes aren’t the only things that suffer the brunt of spilled drinks and crayons. Our carpets, walls, and curtains are equal victims. Thankfully, a mixture of coconut oil and baking soda works wonders on carpets and crayon-stained walls.

Mix coconut oil and baking soda in equal parts into a cup and gently rub it over the affected area. Wipe it away after 5-6 minutes. But before that, make sure your children are okay with you clearing out their masterpieces.


So stains don’t have to be an everlasting thing. Nor do they have to be something you take your clothes to the dry cleaners for.