Why Folks Order Food Online With FoodPanda

You get a craving, you need that sushi stat. Well, these days you can order food online with services like FoodPanda and satisfy that desire fast.

With a few clicks of your mouse, you can get any meal you want delivered to wherever you are. FoodPanda is one of the biggest food delivery marketplaces in the world, with operations in more than 20 countries and across 193 cities.


Find out what makes FoodPanda so popular in this article.

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Preorder Your Meals

If you are always on the go and don’t want to stand in line or wait for your food to arrive, then you’re going to like this feature. The FoodPanda app allows you to preorder your meals. You can not only schedule your favorite meals a day prior but can even plan treats for birthdays or even a simple coffee break.


And of course, if you’re super busy then being able to preorder dinner is amazing. You can schedule your delivery for just as you get home. As a cherry on top, there is no minimum order limit.

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Tons of Choice

With a 24/7 mobile food ordering app that is available at your disposal round the clock, FoodPanda proves to be a boon for every food enthusiast who wants to get rid of mid-night Hunger Pangs! All you’ve to do is simply mark up your location on the map, and choose from a wide assortment of restaurants available in the vicinity of your area.


Even better; FoodPanda’s super-versatile app also helps in finding new places to eat as per your preference. This means you can now simply check out the stock and price of cuisine on the click of a button, instead of dropping by at the place yourself!

Also, predictability and ease are the key points when it comes to ordering food online, thanks to its highly organized order management system (order placement to final delivery) that strives to have zero human error and no missed customer.

Why Order Food Online With FoodPanda

Check Out Restaurant Reviews

With an increased focus on maintaining end-to-end customer relationships, FoodPanda is backed with the goodness of a separate customer feedback platform that allows one to rate and review one’s experience at a particular restaurant. Also, it lets you view the public rating of various restaurants to help you make the best choice with no disappointments.

Also, Foodpanda values the importance of your time and money! That’s why the platform offers ‘assured food delivery’ that makes sure that the rider drops off your favorite food at your doorsteps within no a window of 30-45 minutes depending on the distance. Or else you get your money refunded to your payment method.

Sweet Deals on FoodPanda

This brings us to another great benefit of this food-delivery app and that is its prolific tie-ups with various payment gateway websites like Visa, Mastercard, Rupay. You can even use local e-commerce payment systems like Paytm and PayUMoney, all of which assure quick, hassle-free payment with sweet cashback on some deals.

What’s even better? There’s nothing more satisfying than finding a great discount deal waiting just for you after you order from your favorite sandwich or pizza place. Since FoodPanda works with so many restaurants around the globe, they tend to get some pretty awesome deals for their customers.

More than anything else, convenience is important to consumers these days. There is so much to do and sometimes it can feel like there isn’t enough time to do it. Services like FoodPanda can help you save a big chunk of time by handling all of your meals for you.


Enjoy flexibility and convenience by ordering your favorite restaurant meals for delivery to your home with the FoodPanda service.