Beginner’s Guide To Playing Street Fighter Like A Pro

If you want to get good, really, really good at fighting games, then you need to know how to play Steet Fighter like a pro. Street Fighter is the mother and father of all fighting games you play today, it is the original. And so if you want to get good at fighting games in general, then you’re going to want to get great at the game that made all the other fighting games come to life.

Street Fighter made its debut in arcades, while the era of arcades is over, Street Fighter is alive and kicking. It has ignited an entire breed of fighting games and started its very own sequels, spin-offs, and many other crossovers. The game and all of its extensions has now been around for more than 30 years, you can call it the Simpsons of the gaming world.


Streetfighter is available on various gaming platforms, including gaming consoles and personal computer systems. While the initial stages of the game tend to be a piece of a cake, it is the final half that poses a high level of difficulty. Our gaming editors have some experience when it comes to this game and they are sharing their secrets on how you can play Street Fighter like a pro below. 

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What Are The Basics Of Street Fighter?

Street Fighter is the marquee game that laid the foundation for all other fighting games. It enables you to sharpen your martial art skills by fighting other masters as you eliminate the bad guys. The game is focused on one-to-one combat fights with skilled punches, kicks, and jabs.


These moves can be coordinated into one single special move that is capable of causing some serious damage. In fact, it might not just cause damage, but rather defeat them right away with a straight KO. What’s more; each and every move in the game showcases the character’s immense skills in combat sports.

Did you know that the very first version of the game had only two characters (namely Ryu and his American rival, Ken Master)? However, with every new version, more and more characters were added and currently the game feature 16 characters in its latest version (Street Fighter 5). Well, if you are a beginner, here is a bunch of tricks and tips that you can use to master the game accompanied by a high degree of dedication.

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Why Practice Makes Perfect

There is a very old saying, ”Practice makes a man perfect.” Well, the same goes for the gaming world too. The Street Fighter’s practice mode offers you a realistic game-play. Unlike other combat games, Street Fighter provides you with an AI opponent who not only takes on the punches and kicks smartly but also imitates the moves to give you the much-important lesson of blocking. And not to mention, this combat game also gives you access to learning combo moves.

Pro Tip: The more you spend time in practice mode, the better your game-play will be.

How To Play Streetfighter Like A Pro

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Don’t Just Mash the Buttons

The major mistake that many beginners commit during the early game-play is to hit all the keyboard buttons recklessly. You may have great memories of mashing buttons and winning the initial battles, but what next? If you wish to become a pro player and win against a wise opponent, just mashing those buttons is not enough.

The right move at the right time is the one thing that wins you games. Mashing can leave you open for attacks, so carefully analyze the movement of your opponent and try to block opponents’ shots. What’s most important? In the middle of the defense, place your attack at the right time so you can hit the opponent without putting yourself on the riskier side.

The moral of the story is that the best defense is a good offense. 

Master Your Skills

Being able to move around Street Fighter as you want is the key to getting good at the game. It’s no good knowing what moves you need to pull if you can’t actually pull them off. The first step to mastering your skills is perfecting your maneuvers in training mode. Learn the skills first and practice them until you can execute them correctly and confidently. With the mastered combos, skills, and maneuvers, you can defeat a high-level opponent while other beginners are just smashing at buttons.

Note: A single wise move can knock your opponent out faster than forming a special move.