A Cheat’s Guide to Playing Marvel vs. Capcom

If you love virtual combat, you’ve probably heard of Marvel vs. Capcom, one of the uber extreme games in the genre. Combat games are certainly one of the most interesting and exciting genres of e-games. These offer just the perfect mix of strategy, smartness, and agility, along with a great rush of adrenaline on top of everything.

Marvel vs. Capcom is considered one of the best fighting e-games by gamers out there. It is a brutal one, to say the least. But it also has some really cool features that push you along the steep learning curve.


Learning the ropes of Marvel vs. Capcom in its initial stages is like any other fighting e-sport. The idea is to get into a strategic position, take your character into the zone, and try to make the initial strikes. This cheat’s guide will help you know more about Marvel vs. Capcom and pave your way to mastering the game, even if you are an amateur.

Getting Started with Marvel vs. Capcom

The setup, in the beginning, is easy, just like other games, you’re figuring out where you are and where your opponent is and trying to attack. However, once you get through the first few stages, the game becomes catastrophically tough, and much more exciting.


You discover many more powerful weapons like lasers, beams, fireballs, and lances with the increase in the area you need to cover. However, how you perform in the game depends much on your choice of characters.

Key Characters in the Game

The choice of characters in Marvel vs. Capcom depends upon a lot of factors, including the amount of effort you are willing to put in. In fact, there is a lot of promising characters in the game to choose from. However, let us give you a quick review of some of the easier ones to help you get started.


Ryu is generally the go-to choice for those who are just starting with the game.  It has classic yet limited moves that are really simple and easy to apply. This character is meant only for the beginners and you won’t be able to depend on it in the advanced stages of the game!


Captain America

Captain America is Marvel’s equivalent of Ryu. The character has a similar set of moves but has an edge with more tricks and mobility.

Captain Marvel

Yet another basic character, Captain Marvel, can prove to be a good choice for beginners. It’s an all-rounder character with a hard-hitting style.


Thanos comes under the category of power characters. It has some really powerful moves, yet is easy to understand and control. Other useful characters of the game include Wolverine, Iron Man, Shuma-Gorath, Galactus and Dormammu.

Quick Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

Any fighting game can be best played with the use of some tips, tricks (and some cheats as well!). And we have hand-picked the moves that make you a pro-e-gamer.


It won’t be wrong to say that Marvel vs. Capcom is a game all about COMBOS and setting up the opponents for them at the right moment. And guess what? You can turn even a simple hit into a huge COMBO hit. This way, your every hit can be a deadly one! So the first and the most important tip is to make use of COMBOS wherever you can.

Select Your Team

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of picking up the right characters. Picking up two random characters that you like is a different thing, and ensuring that the pair is a strategic one is different.

If one character is slow in its moves, make sure that the other is a fast one. And if one character has a specialty in the long-range fight, choose the other one which can go good up close. The strategic selection leads to characters complementing each other’s qualities and you win the game.

Using Active Switch Judiciously

While the active switch feature in Marvel vs. Capcom is a really cool and useful feature, it can get you killed as well! You should not be switching over at random times. Your teammate might not be able to save you and get hit as well. So find your moment (like an ongoing COMBO which takes time), to smoothly switch over and continue.


Playing Marvel vs. Capcom is really a captivating experience, whether you’re learning or a professional. If you’re just getting up to speed, then definitely check out the tips above. Once you incorporate them into your game and give it some practice, you’ll be K.O.’ing all over the place.