How to Make Money From Home Using PeoplePerHour

If you’re tired of the 9 to 5 grind and want to take back control of your life, you can make money from home with PeoplePerHour. PeoplePerHour can help you get that work-life balance well helping employers from around the world hire people they want without commitments.

While freelancing was still in its infancy some years back, at present it is becoming more and more common to be a freelance worker. People expect flexibility in their job and that’s why sites like PeoplePerHour have popped up.


Our editors have looked into this particular freelance site and come up with information that you need to know. Read on for tips on how to make money from home with PeoplePerHour.

Live Your Work Dream with PeoplePerHour

The website PeoplePerHour lets you embrace the freelance culture at its finest. PeoplePerHour takes utmost pride in its immensely rich pool of freelance talents, as well as the world’s leading brands that regularly create job postings.


That’s not all! The UK-based platform assists skilled, independent professionals in landing winning well-paying projects. In order to help you earn money from home using PeoplePerHour, we have master-curated some effective ways that will boost your remuneration via this platform.

Add Life to Your Profile

With the cut-throat competition that prevails on PeoplePerHour, you should go the extra mile to create an outstanding profile. It’s not just enough to add an image and mention your educational qualifications and professional feats.

You should curate a compelling portfolio that inspires confidence in your business qualities and supercharges your profile. To further bolster your account and make it credible, it’d be great if you have testimonials of the people you have had collaborations with in the past. This instills more confidence and reliability in your prospective business networks and clients. 


Carve Out Your Niche

Specifying your expertise clearly portrays that you are incredibly passionate about a certain industry accelerates the chances of sealing multiple projects. This does not mean that you are limiting yourself to endless possibilities that PeoplePerHour proffers you.

Discipline Is the Key

And the moment you let your surroundings control your actions and schedule is the moment you lose the discipline to work as a freelancer. If you fail to complete the project with top-notch quality on time, you are bound to lose your potential long term client. Therefore, the ultimate secret is to ensure you are super-disciplined to kick-start your PeoplePerHour venture.

Apply Often 

While the clients may stumble upon your profile and ask you to put forth the proposal, you should incessantly apply to the job ads if you are looking to earn extra bucks. You may get ecstatic seeing ‘You were invited to submit a proposal’ in your box, sorry to break it to you, but it’s merely a play of an algorithm.

Do you know that being proactive and super-prompt amplifies your chances of securing a job? Therefore, you should regularly monitor job ads and apply it at the earliest. Doing so also brings you immediate availability to the client’s attention creating a win-win situation for both. Also, keep creating lucrative offers on your profile so that the clients are lured and you win some more projects.

Build Relationships

You should always remember that you are not just applying to jobs for the monetary benefits but to foster relationships and upgrade your skills. You cannot just create a one-size-fits-all proposal and land jobs. You should create proposals that make the client feel that you clearly understand what they are thinking.

For this purpose, do not just curate robotic responses and be a yes man! You can state how you can crank their business up a notch and think of some suggestions to make the collaboration even more successful. You can also alter your proposal demeanor, chuck a smiley face, and be personable. Embrace these rare qualities that are proven to help you more to earn from home using PeoplePerHour.


Whether you’re tired of battling cross-town traffic to reach the office on time or you aspire to become a digital nomad and work flexible hours, there are many reasons why the traditional work setup might not work for you anymore. With PeoplePerHour, now you’ve got options.

By using these tips to land freelance work on PeoplePerHour, you can begin raking in money from the comfort of your own home.