How To Get An Artificial Intelligence Specialist Job

Computer programming jobs were hot for a long time but now Artificial Intelligence Specialist jobs are where it’s at. The world of technology is rapidly changing every day and automation and machine learning have really grown in scope. Artificial intelligence is a quickly expanding field and people with the talents to push knowledge forward within the area are hot commodities.

If you are trying to decide what to study or looking to change careers, looking into careers within the realm of artificial intelligence would be smart. We are only at the cusp of what artificial intelligence will become as much as three decades ago we were only beginning to incorporate computer technology into everyday life. What will happen in the next three decades in artificial intelligence will largely depend on the number of people that take an interest in it.


There are new companies dedicated to artificial intelligence popping up all over the world, but the number of people to staff these companies is minimal. Our editors have looked into the new hot career of Artificial Intelligence Specialist and come up with some things you might be interested in. A career within the field of artificial intelligence is surely a challenging one, but will definitely be rewarding for those that can step up to the challenge.

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What Do I Need To Become An Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Artificial intelligence is a highly technical field. It requires an in-depth study and knowledge of computer networks, programming languages, and the core coding concepts. Given that, a formal degree focussed on artificial intelligence can be the best way to lay the foundation for a successful career as an artificial intelligence specialist.


The best part is that a lot of universities, off late, have started these specialized degree courses focussed on Artificial Intelligence. Top universities of the world like Stanford University and the California Institute of Technology offer courses both at the graduate and postgraduate levels.

These courses have been designed with a lot of thought, and are sure to ensure your transformation into a specialist of Artificial Intelligence. For example, Harvard University’s flagship program offers a BA in Computer Science with Concentration in Mind, Brain, and Behavior, which requires you to undergo an extensive research project at the graduate level itself, giving you an excellent headstart.

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How About If I’m Already Finished School?

While a full-fledged degree is the best option for those who are just starting off their careers, a lot of short-term and digital courses are also available. These courses are for you if you already have a degree in computer science or a related field, or have gathered enough knowledge and experience in the field on your own. Either way, a short-term course will provide you the right direction to become an Artificial Intelligence Specialist.

Thanks to the digital revolution in the education & self-learning space, the top world universities are offering specially designed courses on artificial intelligence, online. Platforms like EdX and Coursera come handy in this regard, and there’s no limit to what you can learn through these platforms! It’s quick, easy and bears long-term results.

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How To Get Hands-on In Artificial Intelligence

No amount of theoretical learning can suffice unless you have a good amount of practical, hands-on exposure. This becomes even more relevant for a field like artificial intelligence, which is all about implementation. And the only way to get this practical exposure is to work on live projects and assignments on artificial intelligence, as part of an internship.

Guess what? There’s no dearth of internship opportunities for the bright and energetic artificial intelligence enthusiasts today.  Tech giants like Google and Microsoft are always on a hunt for fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals to induct in their teams working on large-scale artificial intelligence projects.

What Is The Key To Success?

Finally, as important as it is to have a deep-rooted knowledge of your area of expertise, it is also important to work on the skills that will help you grow the ladder in an organization quickly. Large and diverse teams work together in organizations to implement the big-ticket artificial intelligence projects, and effective communication becomes the key for an artificial intelligence specialist.

One also needs to be agile at work, and given how fast the technology changes, a quick a motivated learner. Other skills that one may need to polish include presentation and time-management skills. The important thing really is to be a learner and to want to pursue this career. Becoming an Artificial Intelligence Specialist means you will be learning every day of your life and if you love that, this career will definitely be for you.

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