Check Out This Financial Advice for Millennials

The Millennial generation is one of the most powerful financial demographics in the world. The main wealth-building and tax-paying portion of the population is now made up of those born between 1981 and 1996.

This involves everyone from middle-schooler parents on one end to recent college graduates on the other. In recent years, Millennials have come under fire for their supposedly reserved approach to investing.


Here’s a closer look at what millennials can now do to set the tone for a secure financial situation – probably a better one than they have witnessed with their parents and grandparents. Up next are tips to give you financial confidence.

Check Out This Financial Advice for Millennials

Establish an Emergency Fund

Sure, you’re young and healthy, but you may be put in financial trouble by a work loss, an illness or accident, a big household car repair, or even a small business operation that goes under.

This is where an emergency fund comes in handy. An emergency fund is savings of three to six months worth of your wages and revenue. Having these back-up funds can enable you to withstand a short-term monetary hurdle.


Start establishing an emergency fund by eliminating (at least) 10% of your gross pay and reallocating it to a high-yield savings account, in which up to $250,000 of the money is federally insured.

You will have to cut costs or even carry on a freelance job to rapidly and amply finance the emergency repair account, but if financial tragedy hits, you will be thankful that you did it and you have an emergency fund to back you up.

Don’t Gamble What You Can’t Lose

You’ll keep hearing people brag about the killing they’ve made on the market or a hip new investment, such as cryptocurrencies. Bear in mind that there are a few flukes they have overlooked or do not mention.


Make sure you don’t gamble more than you can stand to lose if you want to indulge in risky investments. Find out what risk level you are prepared to take on with your lifestyle and balance the level of risk with investments.

Diversify Your Investments

Nobel Prize-winning science shows that it would help lower your risk by diversifying your assets into broad-based stock mutual funds. When the market declines, since it is expected to, if you are diversified, you will reduce your losses.

Bear in mind that when you are young, the major advantage you have is that your investments have the opportunity to restabilize from a market decline. When the value drops, don’t fear and sell.

Check Out This Financial Advice for Millennials
Image source: US News Money

Automate Your Contributions and Savings

If they aren’t already, consider your 401(k) contributions automated. Just look at them when you go in to make them grow. Go quite a little further and automate other savings or investments by a specified monthly amount.

Banks have made this much simpler tech-wise so you’re not going to miss the money if you don’t see it.  After you have maximized your 401(k) match, set it up so that a specific amount goes into a growth-focused account.

This is where a certain percentage is invested in stocks, bonds, or ETFs, each time you deposit your check. To build up over time, it doesn’t have to be so much.

Bottom Line

Remember this about financial planning if you’re a Millennial – time is always on your side, but it won’t always be. It’s not complicated to build the resources that you need, but the earlier you start, the better off you’ll be.