How to Watch Ten Sports Online For Free

Sports events are always very popular, especially for sports fanatics. This is the reason why many broadcasters often get broadcasting rights to such events to make them more profitable.

For those who simply want to watch football or cricket, especially in popular leagues, this can only happen if you pay a subscription fee. Ten Sports is a popular Indian pay-to-watch sports network with multiple channels.


If you want to watch Ten Sports Online for free, there are certain ways for you to do so especially if you live outside of the region. Check out the article below to learn more about Ten Sports Live and how you can watch Ten Sports online for free.

What Is Ten Sports Live? Ten Sports is one of the most popular sports streaming channels in the South Asian region. People from India, Pakistan, and nearby countries love their sports such as cricket and football.

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These sports are world-class events, with events from the Pakistan Cricket Board, International Cricket Council, and many others being featured heavily on this channel. There are also other popular sports and events broadcasted on this channel including football and hockey, for example. If you’re a football fan and you’re living in the region, Ten Sports is the best sports channel to watch all of the action.

Is Ten Sports Available to Watch on Mobile?

Many people might ask if you can watch Ten Sports online on your mobile for free. The quick answer is that you can as long as you have an internet connection and a VPN if certain online platforms have regional restrictions.

You can watch Ten Sports online for free all you want but be sure to look for those with legitimate broadcasting rights.


If you live in the South Asian region, you can always watch the online channel for free. But if you are outside of the region, you will need a VPN if you wish to see the live broadcast of your favorite sports online.

Here’s How You Can Watch Ten Sports Online for Free

Understandably, you want to watch Ten Sports online for free. They bring many sports events to your screen including golf, cricket, football, and more.

The best way to watch Ten Sports online is to go to their official website and watch it there. For those who are outside India and nearby countries, you might encounter some technical difficulties as the broadcaster has put some restrictions on the channel.

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The first thing to do is to get a VPN and head over to the official Ten Sports website to watch the broadcast for free.


Another popular website that you can check out to watch Ten Sports online for free is This is a very famous online portal that offers some of the best TV channels all over the world. It provides more than 60 sports channels for you to choose from including Ten Sports.

Each channel will have a specific link but there are typically multiple links provided in case of errors or failure to load. There are no restrictions set within this online platform and you don’t even need to create and sign up for an account to use the website.

Check Out Sony Liv

Sony Liv is another streaming platform that you can use to watch Ten Sports for free. It is provided by Sony Pictures Network specifically for South Asian viewers. You can stream multiple sports events through this online streaming platform.

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You can watch different sports leagues like La Liga, WWE, FIFA, UFC, and countless others. The only caveat here is that the platform will require you to create an account and subscribe to their service for you to watch it live.

But don’t worry, you can still watch your favorite Ten Sports stream for free but you will have to deal with a 5-minute delay on the broadcast which is good enough for those who do not want to subscribe.

Stream Through For Free

Lastly, is another online portal that lets you watch all the live sporting events from the Ten Sports channel without any delay.

You will never have to create and sign up for an account nor face any delays on the broadcast to enjoy watching the live stream. You might run into some ads on the website but that is okay to keep up with the cost of maintaining the site.

The online portal also offers many other sports events with very high-quality resolutions.

Perks of Watching Ten Sports Online for Free

There are a lot of perks to watching Ten Sports online for free. The very first benefit you get is that you don’t have to subscribe to anything or pay a streaming service to do so.

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Everything is free and all you do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the sports event that you’re currently streaming. It can help you save a lot of money and still be able to enjoy the sports event as if you are there together with the crowd.

It is also very comfortable not having to deal with a large crowd inside the arena. You can watch it together with your friends and family or all by yourself.

Get Instant Playback

Another reason why people love to watch Sports Ten online for free is that you can get playback. If you missed some parts of the event, you can always rewind to check out what happened.

This does not happen if you are watching it live since you can’t go back in time or you can’t rewind the live broadcast on TV. Now, you’ll never have to worry about missing any important moments.


These online platforms are just some of the best online streaming sites that are highly recommended for you to watch Sports Ten for free online. There may be more but you also need to be careful with the kind of websites that you visit or the apps that you may want to download just to watch it live online.

Illegal streaming can be considered a serious offense in many countries so it is best that you stay safe and watch only through legitimate sites.