Where to Find Freelance IT Support

Hiring a freelancer could be a good option if you want IT support for a short-term project. You can save money on full and part-time employee-related employee benefits and taxes, and yet have access to the kind of skills you need. 

You have enough options when looking for these professionals online. Consider using websites for freelancing. While the gig economy might not be a booming trend, you can still discover online IT support.


Usually, companies employ freelance developers, programmers, designers, and writers. Here’s your guide on where to find freelance IT support, and a few ideas for both parties on how to make this arrangement work.

Where to Find Freelance IT Support
Image source: Joe The IT Guy

People Per Hour

This UK-based company provides fully remote listings, which is great if you prefer to recruit staff for a one or a short period. PeoplePerHour links clients to experienced freelancers who can be paid by the hour or project. 

To explain the IT project you’ve got in mind, use their quick and simple form. The more information you can send, the more you’ll attract relevant IT freelancers. 


Their artificial intelligence technology does the hard job of matching and contacting the project’s best freelancers.

With their own personalized proposal, each freelancer then responds. Design and web development functions are emphasized in the listings. Video editing, online marketing, social media, and copywriting are other options.


Fiverr is one of the largest marketplaces for freelance services in the world. The biggest takeaway from Fiverr is that it’s perfect with either hourly rates or contracts for ‘gigs’-short term services. 


It focuses on “lean entrepreneurs” and specializes in services at lower prices. It has evolved from paying $5 to do just about anything to a legal freelance site where you can find IT professionals for projects. 

The freelance marketplace of Fiverr allows you to search for ready and eager professionals, including programmers, WordPress professionals, illustrators, and even voice-over actors who can make impressions of Morgan Freeman.

Where to Find Freelance IT Support
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Upwork is the product of a fusion of Elance and oDesk, both previously known to be pioneers of online freelancing. As the world’s biggest freelance talent marketplace, Upwork markets itself. 

It includes hundreds of categories for your organization to search and look for freelancers. Upwork is one of the few independent websites where specialized and accredited assistance can be found, including IT help, civil engineers, lawyers, and financial consultants.

Freelancers on Upwork, along with their job histories and resumes, build profiles detailing their abilities and experiences. As a client, you can post job listings describing your assignments and what you’re looking for in a freelancer. 

Freelancers from there submit proposals for projects that they are interested in doing. You can then review the ideas, profiles, and portfolios of freelancers, select the one that suits your needs best, and put project funding in escrow.


FlexJobs reviews work listings before placing them on its site, concentrating on flexible job opportunities. This means that jobs are almost sure to be legal, which is not always the case everywhere, sadly. 

FlexJobs is used by large and prestigious organizations such as CNN and NBC to recruit talent, so you can also do this when you are looking for freelancers for IT support. 

For those trying to make extra money, those with non-traditional schedules, and others, FlexJobs is a great option.

Final Words

Dedicated platforms allow you to explore the profiles of IT support freelancers and post your projects. Based on reviews from previous gigs, they also have rating systems that help you assess professionals. 

Make moves to keep them on your radar if you’re happy with the work of a freelancer. You may need to recruit them for a project again in the future or even give them jobs.