How to Create Viral Videos on TikTok

You don’t need a Hollywood studio to be rich and famous these days, just create some viral videos on TikTok and you’ll have millions of fans singing your name. TikTok is the hottest thing since Instagram and its user numbers keep growing. All it takes is one awesome viral video from you, and you are sure to have users flocking to your page waiting for your next one.

Have you burnt the midnight oil on TikTok to make your own viral video hit? Are you constantly on a lookout for just a hint of public attention on your video? Well, let us be your knight in shining armor. We’ve got some information you’ll want to know if you want to make that viral TikTok video.


Read on to learn how to make your TikTok video go viral.

TikTok Viral Videos
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What Is TikTok?

TikTok is a mobile app that allows users to curate and share short videos on the go. App users have a plethora of filters at their behest along with a wide range of sounds and snippets of songs to choose from, which makes video-making fun and engaging.

What’s more, TikTok lets you navigate through videos in a vertical layout. This layout has become the norm due to the number of contemporary social media apps that use it and it helps you keep atop of trends. 


TikTok allows you to harness its video-making power to churn out current and relevant videos fast. If your video goes viral, it can spread in just hours across all media platforms. 

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How Does TikTok Work? 

To understand how to make viral videos, we first need to understand how TikTok works and how a video lands on the main page. The glory of this app is its localized content even though it is a global app. The platform doesn’t understand the power of trending hashtags and instead uses them for suggestions for content creation ideas.

TikTok eventually made its way all the way to Hollywood and for endorsed by many celebrities who kick-started challenges that spread like wildfire and hence, brought TikTok to the limelight. Mind you, these challenges need to be creative or entertaining to get re-blogged and that’s exactly what to keep in mind while curating content.

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How to Create Viral Videos For TikTok

In history lie the answers to our present-day questions and we can use that principle for viral videos.

So, one can create viral videos by, first of all, taking one of the app’s crazy challenges such as the #inmyfeelings challenge. It can vary from bizarre dancing moves and lip-syncing to an assortment of songs and videos or could involve a mundane activity turned funny.

To reach viral status on TikTok, its fast-paced consumption pattern has to be tapped into. You can look into the trending memes videos or sound clippings that have been re-blogged and shared. But, to keep up with this Gen-Z app, you’ve to make yourself relevant with the times.

Why You Need Hashtags 

If the only time you use hashtags is in fabricating bizarre passwords, well, then you need to catch up.

Hashtags have not just become the staple marketing tools in promoting online businesses but also the buzzwords on TikTok. The app enlists the tags on the main page adjacent to the number of times it has been used.

So, why not use some of the trendiest hashtags for your videos and let them take care of your outreach.

Sell Your Video

Like all best-selling thriller novels have a mind-boggling plot, your video should also have a unique concept. A self-care routine video could become viral in seconds if you add a personal touch to it because it is relevant.

A concept is absolutely essential in a TikTok video, in fact, having a unique approach to your topic is more important than the topic itself. Once you figure out what you’re into, whether it’s beauty, comedy, dance, or anything else, you can start honing in on your personal brand.

Once you create your own brand, you can even start cashing in. TikTok allows you to openly endorse particular brands or target an experiential luxury to bring more traffic to your video.

How to Market Your Viral TikTok Video

While content curation may sound easy, it is a tough code to crack. And when you’ve put hours of sweat and blood into a video, you can’t really depend on luck to swing the wheels for you. Likewise, marketing a video can sometimes be more difficult than even making it.

So, go all out. Stay relevant and make shorter videos to keep the viewer interested. Yes, it’s a bit tedious but one has to put together a marketing strategy to make the content spread far and wide.

Try Other Platforms

Many people have used Reddit to further spread their TikTok videos like wildfire. Blogger and CEO of a creative commercial agency, Karen Cheng, whose video ”Girl learns to dance in a year” went viral credits Reddit for helping her get more clicks.

Linking your TikTok content to your other accounts and posting on other platforms will definitely help you get more viewers. 


And if you really want to get TikTok famous, it’s a great idea to check out top videos and see what the people want. If you give them what they want, your TikTok video will go viral.