How to Tie a Tie the Easy Way

The tie is the most sophisticated and quintessential accessory any gentlemen could adorn, but how to tie a tie can be difficult for beginners. Called La Cravate in French, even the name gives us the sound of how important it is.

It was only in the 17th century that it rose to popularity when King Louis XIII saw Croatian mercenaries wearing a cloth around their neck. Mesmerized as he was by this accessory, he made ties compulsory for royal gatherings.


Properly tying a tie is a task in itself and there are many ways to go about it to achieve the most gorgeous knot. A neat knot doesn’t just add color to your ensemble but conveys dependability and culture. Let’s get into easy ways to tie different tie knots.

How To Tie A Tie The Easy Way

What Is the Four-In-Hand-Knot Tie?

This way is the go-to tie for ties for beginners as it’s a classic one. Women helping their partners love this as much as men as it is very easy to learn. Other than that, it’s also the oldest way, courtesy to British horseman.


A tie has to coincide with the shape of the collar as well. This knot is, however, perfect for smaller spread collars and heavier fabrics. Now, let’s jump into the step-by-step tying process.

  1. Firstly, raise your collar and put the tie around your neck. Make sure to keep the thick end on your left hanging.
  2. Put the thick end in front of the thin end, crossing it.
  3. Move the thick end horizontally right to left from behind the thin end.
  4. Then, again bring the thick end from the back of the thin end to its front, horizontally.
  5. Slide in the tip of the thicker end into the loop around your neck.
  6. Maintaining a loose grip on the knot, slide the thicker end into the loop made in the front.
  7. Pull the thicker end all the way down.
  8. Finally, straighten the knot of the tie and adjust it as per the collar and your convenience.

These steps will enable you to tie the knot in a matter of two to three minutes. If it’s taking you longer, you need to practice. Keeping a stern eye on the movement of the thicker end of the tie is highly imperative.

Also, in order to not screw up, keep your finger on the knot while it’s taking shape. Now you’ve got a tie knot which is as apt for social gatherings as it is for business meetings.


Windsor Knot

More on the business side of affairs, the Windsor knot is popular among presidents as well as corporate employees. It brandishes a complicated yet classy look with a well-defined triangular shape.

To embrace this knot in all its glory, it must be worn with spread collar shirts. Adding a few more steps to the basic knot really makes all the difference. So, let’s learn how to tie this knot in the following steps.

  1. Start by raising your collar and draping the tie around your neck. The thick end of the tie is to be kept on the right, slightly lower than the thin end.
  2. Place the thick end over the thin end and, one it towards left.
  3. Bring the thick end up through the opening between the tie and your neck and then, pull it down.
  4. Cross the thick end from below the thin end and to the right.
  5. Then, cross the thick end to the left from above the thin end.
  6. Bring down the thick end through the loop formed around in the front.
  7. Holding onto the suspended part of the tie, slide up the knot and center it properly by pushing it into place.

While tying the Windsor knot, try to make your movements neat. This way, the tie doesn’t lose its triangular shape and doesn’t look messy.

How To Tie A Tie The Easy Way

How to Tie a Tie the Easy Way Conclusion

The journey to perfecting a tie knot is through practice and with subtle but swift movements. A moderate grip is needed on the tie while tying any kind of knot.

This is so as a very tight grip will make it look small and a very loose grip gives a shabby look. So, get in front of a mirror and get practicing to charm your way into any room.