How To Play Tekken For Beginners

Tekken is the latest craze in video games and beginners can get in on the game with some pointers. If you love to get that rush of excitement running through your veins while you sit and play, Tekken is for you. Action-packed fighting games like Tekken can be a great way to unleash energy and get a high of adrenaline to boot.

Tekken is a series of Japanese fighting video games where players control powerful characters to fight and win the tournament. The game uses hand-to-hand street-style combats with opponents. Currently, Tekken is one of the biggest fighting games to use 3D animation.


The game is quite responsive and easy to play against the starter AI opponents. However, as the levels increase, it becomes difficult to maneuver your characters and win the combats. To up your Tekken game, you will need a basic beginner’s guide to get you started. And so we’ve got a few of our video-game loving editors in on the action so they could help our readers dominate the game of Tekken. Read all about what they found out next. 

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Why Is Tekken So Popular?

Tekken is quite different from other fighting games as it was one of the early adopters of 3D animation. The game shifts focus to hand-to-hand combat with punches, jabs, and kicks coordinated to cause great damage to opponents. Some key features of the game are special move combos, various fighting styles, remarkable characters, air juggles, mapping buttons against limbs, etc. 


There are barely any moves that are larger-than-life or fictitious, which gives it a very realistic vibe. Every character has different moves, so it’s altogether a new experience playing with each character. Because of this, you also need more practice and guidance in the game. Coupled with practice and dedication, these tips and tricks will help you ace the game.

How To Use Tekken Practice Mode For Beginners

The more you spend time on the battleground, the more you will understand the game. Tekken provides you with a practice mode where you can combat with AI opponents to perfect your moves and learn controls. In practice mode, you also get access to visual queues for all moves, combos, and launchers you use. You can set your opponent to imitate your moves. Here you learn several intricacies of the game like parrying the lows, blocking, and attacking. To make the most of the practice mode, only focus on one aspect of your game at a time.

Tekken has several different characters with unique strengths and weaknesses. Since every character has different moves, it becomes quite difficult to master each in the beginning. It is advisable that you pick from a few simpler characters initially and practice your moves with them. Stick with one character and gradually learn all its moves by spending some time with it every day in the practice mode. Some good characters to start with- Katarina Alves, Bob Richards, and Claudio Serafino.


How To Focus On Movement In 3D

As interactive as 3D space looks, it makes learning the movements in the gameplay even more daunting. Movements in the 3D range from simple backward and forward movements using D-pad to complex ones like sidestepping and wavedashing. The only way to perfect your movements is to practice. You should also learn different types of attacks and blocking techniques in the game, which can prove to be your ultimate saviors. 

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How To Perfect Your Launchers

Launchers are the attacks that shun your opponent or hit your opponent in the air to give you enough time for juggle combos. Thus, launchers are one of the most crucial skills to learn in Tekken as it lays the foundation for the winning moves. Most characters have a set launcher activated by pressing down, forward and punch. You can practice different character-specific launchers in the practice mode, depending on your opponent’s stance.

What Is Tekken Power Of The Rage

Rage system gets activated when your health level falls below 20%, and your health bar starts flashing. Rage system has two elements:  Rage Arts and Rage Drives. Rage Arts are specific moves that do massive damage when pulled off with a given command set. Rage Drives are your usual moves but have greater power inflicting additional damage on opponents.

Your performance in the rage system can either make or break the game for you. So perfect your rage moves to get the victorious K.O. Flashing on your screen. With a little practice, you can play Tekken with the expertise of those that created the game.