How to Rent Furniture Online With Furlenco

If you want to buy new furniture, but the numbers just don’t add up, you might want to rent furniture online using Furlenco. Furiture is valued first for its function, and when a piece of furniture breaks like a bed frame or kitchen table is no longer useable, you have to replace it. Pieces of furniture can go into the thousands, and when you’ve got a set of furniture it gets even more costly.

And let’s not forget about the aesthetic value of a piece of furniture. A new addition to a room can give it a brand new vibe and sometimes you just need that. Previously, the only options to purchase furniture were to pay for it in a lump sum or in installments on a credit card, but now there is a more convenient option. Furlenco makes it possible for you to rent the furniture you need with just a few clicks of a mouse. 


The company makes it possible for folks in urban India to take their home and work style to a brand new level without forking over major cash.  They’ve got an in-house design team that creates all of their pieces so you get pretty nice contemporary options. We’ve explored what it takes to rent furniture with Furlenco and we’ve got all the details below.

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Why Would You Want New Furniture? 

Secondly, even if you have managed to put together a nice look for your place, that look can quite quickly get dated. Or you might just get tired of it and then crave for a complete overhaul. If you want to make major changes with your interiors, you are lookig at major costs so you might start thinking of how to do it. You think you might be able to sell your old furniture, or wait for major sales, or perhaps wait until you’ve got enough space in your card.

Sometimes that waiting and waiting ends up with you having the same old furniture for years on end. But now you might just be able to snatch that gorgeous interior without having to wait forever. You can rent stylish furniture with Furlenco for a fraction of the cost of purchasing brand new. 

Rent Furniture With Furlenco
Source: Furlenco

How To Rent Furniture With Furlenco 

Once you’ve installed the app, you can choose from a wide range of furniture products- from bedroom to dining, to kid’s room, and every other thing to decorate your home. Then you have to fill some details pertaining to your location as well as financial details. A monthly subscription fee will be totalled up for you depending on your choices.

You will pay that subscription fee at checkout, after which Furlenco will arrange a delivery date. The process is pretty easy, and the subscription can be as little or as much as you want it to be, it all depends on what you need. 

Rent Furniture with Furlenco Conclusion 

The company also helps you when you are relocating across or between major cities in India. With Furlenco, you are eligible for the free relocation of your rented furniture once a year. Additionally, subscribed customers can get one free deep cleaning service per year so that you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty. Additionally, Furlenco also offers you swap feature under which you can swap out furniture as your needs change.


While Furlenco’s headquarter in Bangalore, it is smoothly functioning in most of the major cities in the country. Furlenco is without a doubt a smart and affordable way to own a piece of beautiful furniture for your home. We all know that a clean and beautiful home is a happy home.