Everything You Need to Know About Quikr

Whether you’ve got a car to sell or are looking for a job, Quikr can help you do those things faster with a classified ad. With Quickr, you can connect with millions all over India so you can buy, sell, trade and do a whole lot more from the comfort of your home.

Established in 2014, Quikr is disrupting the way Indians do business with each other. No longer do you need to rely on newspaper or your next-door neighbor to get the news out about your classified needs. You can use Quikr to advertise whatever you want.


And it’s not just about buying or selling, you can find a plethora of services from independent businesses. You can also find business opportunities, rental services, and even your next job or employee. We’ve got more details about Quikr up next.

Everything You Need to Know About Quikr

Why Quikr?

The lifestyle app has featured blogs for every service that the users require which helps them in analyzing the overall product before buying or selling any services. It values its clients and builds strong customer relationships by being more transparent to its users about its features.


Use a Safe Online Environment

Quikr ensures that the users who post ads online are genuine and guarantee you a risk-free experience when you conduct any transactions. Whenever a user posts the ad online the customer executive on Quikr does a detailed background verification of the individual’s account to ensure it’s not a fake one.

Moreover, when you connect with another user to purchase an automobile on Quikr, the customer executive inspects and provides with a detailed inspection report. A thorough examination helps you decide if you are making the right purchase.

Get Paid or Pay Easily

The payment processing partners of Quikr use encrypted technology that is certified to ensure a sense of security for the user’s payment information. The platform clearly understands that there is the existence of monetary risks and therefore does not store any payment details.


Quikr enhances credibility, by helping the users log in through their Facebook app which helps in building a sense of trust to other users as well.

Everything You Need to Know About Quikr

Receive Immediate Customer Support

In order to solve the queries of the customers, Quikr’s helpline and customer support are available whenever you are in need of any assistance. The team gives utmost importance to building customer relationships and is devoted to promoting loyalty and trust amongst its users.

Get Closer to Buying Your Dream Home

While buying your dream house sounds dreamy, the actual procedure can be tedious. But with Quikr it is as simple as it gets. The application gives you insights into every detail of buying or renting your house. It provides information on property in your preferred location.

It also provides a detailed comparative analysis of the prices of the house, their pros and cons, and a variety of options to choose from. This not only helps you in choosing your perfect dream house but also assists you in saving enough money.

Use Quikr Scanner to Inspect Mobile Sales Offers

While buying a mobile phone, users face a lot of issues with trust and transparency of the product. With the help of the Quikr scanner, users can check the performance and quality of smartphones that are available on sale on Quikr.

These features help in verifying the working condition of the phone and also provide you with a detailed Quikr Scanner report. This not only lands you a well-functioning phone but also gives builds a healthy relationship between the Quikr team and the users.


If you are planning to build a home, sell your smartphone, get a loan, or start a business, give Quickr a look. Here you’re going to connect with real people all over India who are looking for the exact thing you’ve got. This should help you speed up the process so you can get back to enjoying life.