Online Job Description – Freelance ASP Developer

If you know your programming languages and are looking to work from home, you should think about becoming a freelance ASP developer.

ASP.NET is a popular Microsoft-developed web platform. As an ASP developer, you get the skills to work for both clients and server-side technologies using languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and  C#.


ASP developers are always in demand and so it is a good career to get into. Up next, we share more about what the role of freelance ASP developer entails.

Online Job Description - Freelance ASP Developer
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What Is ASP?

ASP stands for Active Server Pages and it is a framework used to build complex websites, web services, and applications.

The ASP encoding language is a proprietary Microsoft product, and a Windows IIS web server must run and decode the code.


HTML tags and text can be used in the ASP language, but the ‘active’ scripts on the website are server-side code and must be interpreted by the webserver.

However, according to W3 Schools, some non-Microsoft web servers, such as Apache will run limited-capacity ASP sites. 

ASP pages are returned as a plain HTML file to the client browser. The server-side code remains more private and stable.


Job Description

An ASP Developer works on designing integrated ASP.NET software in a development team. He or she takes charge of the development and development of services and applications based on the Internet.

They will also work closely with the quality assurance team to ensure high-quality, secure web applications are produced and build databases containing requests, causes, and processed procedures.

They also track the application’s output at the post-deployment stage and make the appropriate adjustments if required.

Skills and Duties

As an ASP Developer, you will perform the following duties. 

  • Interact to identify project functionality and specifications with clients.
  • Research and construct prototypes of complex concept solutions.
  • Conduct code reviews and make necessary corrections.
  • Create the ASP.Net development team’s coding guidelines.
  • Perform application design, production, and implementation based on best practices in the industry.
  • Promptly fix program faults and problems.
  • As per defined project requirements, prepare technical documents.
  • Based on test cases and test plans, perform application testing.
  • Works with the Project Manager in partnership to ensure prompt project delivery.
  • Coordinate with Business Analysts and Test Analysts to ensure that the created application meets technical specifications and client needs.

Educational Background

The ASP.Net programming Career Certificate and Certificate of Achievement programs aim to equip students with the required skills and knowledge to let them effectively integrate the language of ASP.Net into web design.

Certificate applicants learn how to use ASP.Net to build a website’s interactive elements, such as applications for shopping carts, input forms, and interactive databases. 

Admission criteria are limited for these programs, but most certificate programs expect candidates to know the design of the website or database and organized programming.

These programs differ in duration, but some require two semesters of study.

Average Salary and Where to Apply

According to ZipRecruiter, an ASP Developer may earn at least $75,000 to $129,000 per year freelancing.

As an ASP Developer, you can now work from your home, and more and more companies hire freelance developers. You can try out these job portals, which always post remote job openings: Indeed, LinkedIn, Dice, and Learn4Good.

In May 2018, the average yearly salary for web developers was $75,580. Computer programmers are expected to see a 7 percent decline in jobs from 2018-2028. In May 2018, computer programmers averaged $89,580 annually,.

Online Job Description - Freelance ASP Developer
Image Source: LinkedIn


Most people seeking an ASP programming certificate go on to work in website design due to its integral role in developing interactive websites. You can easily find work as a freelance ASP developer from the comfort of your home.