How to Make More Money Using Appen

If you’re a homebody but need to make money, Appen might be able to help with its online jobs platform.

Appen is an Australian company that provides and enhances data used in machine learning and AI devices. It produces high-quality data sets with human annotation and operates in more than 130 countries.


If you’re interested in the freelancing game, we’ve got more info about Appen next, and the best ways to get the most out of Appen.

Mint Money With Appen

Know Your Strengths

While applying, be sure of what you want to work as. Appen favors both highly trained professionals and amateurs, as long as the job gets done on time. It is imperative that you don’t apply for jobs you might not be able to finish because that makes getting your next job near to impossible.


Simple Skills Are Also Important

The best thing about Appen is that most job listings are highly generalized and simplistic. The platform has openings for all kinds of people, even those without a degree of professional experience. Simply having a clear voice can find you decent-paying jobs on Appen.

You Are Location Independent With Appen

Please do not filter your job search as per your convenient location on Appen. Many works from home jobs require you to send completed tasks online, and hence there is no need for physical interaction. Filling in a preferred location on Appen might result in decreased work from home opportunities.

Also, most jobs on this platform pay you by the hour. It is no brainer to deduce that the more time you spend on the website working, the more money you mint.


Flaunt Your Multilingualism

Multilingual professionals are highly sought after in a country as diverse as India. If you speak any regional or foreign languages, adding them to your profile boosts your application and makes you much more bankable.

How to Get Extra Income

If you are not looking for anything long term and want some quick cash in hand, Appen is the best place to make it happen. It often offers you micro tasks that can be finished in 1-2 hours from your home. These tasks are elementary to do and pay well too.

You can choose to start working with Appen full time by joining as a corporate professional. Several positions in Engineering, Finance, Marketing, and Sales areas are available at the global offices affiliated with Appen.

Join a Rater Job

Rater jobs on Appen are jobs that can be done by almost anyone with a computer and basic technical knowledge. Rater jobs include internet analysis jobs like search engine evaluators and social media evaluators.

You can apply from the Rater’s job page and wait to be accepted by the agency. You will be invited for available projects as soon as there is a vacancy. Note that rater jobs take up a few hours of the day regularly and require you to have a basic knowledge of current events and pop culture.

How to Apply For Jobs on Appen

Once you are ready with your resume and cover letter, you have to visit the ‘Search Job’ page of the Appen website. Here, you fill in the necessary filters for your ideal job (location, job type, etc.). You will be presented with a list of opportunities.

Now all you have to do is select the tasks you think are right for you and fill in their application forms. Upload your resume if there is a slot for it. You must then keep a lookout on the website and frequently check your mail for any correspondence and response from your employers.


Using Appen can help you earn money from the comfort of your own home. Consider using Appen today to start earning money on short tasks in your spare time.