How to Download and Earn Cashback With the Ibotta App

If you’ve been reading couponing sites and seen deals listed for something called Ibotta, you’re probably curious as to what it’s about. The following beginner’s guide will explain how this app can save you money, and we’ll give you easy steps on how to use it.

Ibotta is a free mobile coupon and cashback shopping app for most iOS and Android devices. With Ibotta, shoppers have the opportunity to earn cashback on select products by performing easy tasks like purchasing the product, then providing proof of purchase.

What gives Ibotta an advantage in building up its success among couponers is that, in addition to the other saving tactics shoppers use, the savings gleaned from the app are redeeming coupons, loyalty schemes, coupon stacking and matching, rebates, and other money-saving features. This makes it a practical toolbox for savings for any couponer.

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What Makes Ibotta Different? 

The Ibotta app is user friendly. There are several steps to take to make it pay off, but the steps are quick, and the directions on how to navigate the software are straightforward.

Ready to Launch?

You’ll need to own a compatible device and have a PayPal account to get started with Ibotta. Alternatively, if preferred over the cash option, shoppers can collect rewards and cash in to receive featured gift cards from select retailers.

How Does Ibotta Work?

Ibotta provides various ways for users to earn cashback. To get started, you’ll tap on your mobile device’s Ibotta symbol, and that will bring you to the heart of the app, called the “Offers” portion.

The “Offers” section shows pictures of the products with offers and how much you can get back in cash displayed under each product. When you find a product you want to buy, tap the “Earn $—” bar to view the tasks you need to complete to earn the cashback after you purchase that product.

You can see that there’s more than one way to earn cash for most items. You may have one or more of the tasks done. The more work you carry out, the more money you get back. Examples of the tasks include reading a fact, taking part in a quick survey, watching a short video, posting on your Facebook page, or writing a brief comment about the product.

When you complete at least one task per product offer, the product is automatically added to the Ibotta app’s “Checklist”, so you can earn money to buy the item. Most of the tasks can be completed quickly and take about the same or less time that it takes to clip a paper coupon and file it.

You will then need to purchase the products at a participating store to get the cash for completing the tasks. Next, you’ll want to browse the “Store Extras” section, as it has store-specific offers. Target, for example, can have products you can only apply for when you buy the product at Target

Proof of Purchase

After you have purchased the qualifying products, you will have to provide proof of your purchases to Ibotta. Ibotta offers three different ways of proving you’ve bought certain products. 

Under the first step, tap “Redeem” at the bottom of the screen, pick the store where you bought the items, then follow the instructions for uploading a picture of your receipt and scanning the bar codes from the goods.

The second method allows you to link your store loyalty card to the Ibotta app, which then confirms automatically which items you have purchased. You may make transactions inside the app under the third form, or by purchasing something from one of Ibotta ‘s mobile retailers. You won’t have to do anything in most cases to get rewarded for those purchases, as the app will track them for you.

Ibotta will verify your purchase once you complete those steps, and when you reach $20, you can transfer the money to your PayPal account or cash it in for a gift card.


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There have been additional features added since Ibotta was first launched to make the app even more user-friendly, and they allow users to earn more money. 

This includes the “Bonuses” – a way users can earn extra cash. This is a functional section of the app because the more actively you use Ibotta, the more bonuses you’ll need to unlock. From the Main Menu, you access the section called “Bonuses”. Tapping on a particular bonus will reveal the details of how you could earn it. You’ll be allowed to unlock another bonus once you complete your first.

If these features seem great, you may consider downloading the app here. Enjoy!