Discover These Best Tips for Thrift Shopping

Most people have embraced this idea of giving second-hand clothing and appliances a second chance. Not only will you get excellent quality clothing and other pieces, but it is also one way to keep wearable garments and other items out of the landfill.

If you are new in the land of thrift shopping, be forewarned: this is not for the faint-hearted. All you have to do is know precisely what you want and where to look. Whereas this whole search is overwhelming, the rewards outweigh all the challenges.

To bring you up to speed, thrift stores sell the same items you will find at yard sales and flea markets, but also things you find at the mall. The beauty with thrift stores, however, is that you don’t have to wait for weekends to go shopping, and you can get expensive items on the cheap.  

Discover These Best Tips for Thrift Shopping
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Why Thrift?

Apart from the beautiful and attractive nature of thrift stores, it comes with other perks for both the buyers and the community. Here are some of the reasons why you should go thrifting.

Reduce Pollution and Waste

Every used item bought, means there will be one less produced. And regardless of the material used, production in itself is quite expensive to the environment. Synthetic fibers such as polyester require crude oil such as petroleum, not to mention the energy that goes into it.

Helps You Save Money

This goes without saying that thrift stores are way cheaper than retail stores. For instance, you can buy a shirt at 10% of the cost at retail stores. The difference can be applied somewhere else, such as on groceries, college funds, savings accounts, or even gas.

You Can Easily Get Designer Pieces

Most thrift stores have several racks of designer clothes moreover at a fraction of the cost. It depends where you go, some sort them and hang them separately to make it easier to be spotted. Whereas the selection cannot compare to that in a mall, the discount prices on these items make a lot of difference.

New Stock Daily

Donations are made every day at large stores; they are sorted, tagged, and quickly added to the existing stock as soon as possible. Retailers only restock when they sell out, which is different from thrift stores that stock new and unique stock, almost daily.


Thrift stores always have sales, and this is because they want to keep things moving and keep their current inventory fresh. You will undoubtedly find sales either daily, weekly, and monthly and special military and student or senior citizen discounts offered on selected days.

If you want to take advantage of the deals, check in-store or online to find the calendars and save on some bucks.

The Purpose Behind It

Most of these stores’ funds are channeled towards helping the community in one way or another. When you purchase anything from these stores, keep in mind that you are helping people in the community. It goes towards the homeless, job training, missions, children’s group, as long as there is a need.

Dress Appropriately

Depending on which store you go to, most stores have limited or even no fitting rooms, and you don’t want to buy something you are not sure will fit you. To remedy this, wear something fitting like a tank top, leggings so you can throw the clothes on over top.

Note Down The Things You Are Not Able to Buy

The truth is, you will be lost for choice as you will find so many beautiful pieces and sometimes your budget might not allow you to buy them. Make a list of the things that are out of your budget, revisit the store in a week, or even two. If you are lucky to find the pieces still there, they will be marked down, or you might also bargain.

Check Out All the Aisles

Thrift shops try to section up their items, but you’ll often find pants in the dress section and skirts in the men’s jacket rack. So, you’ll need to spend time looking around if you don’t want to spend money in the stores.

Allow Yourself Enough Time

If you go in knowing exactly what you are looking for, then that is okay-you can even do all this in just 30 minutes. On the other hand, if you are open to whatever you find, allow yourself ample time to scan through the racks. 

Discover These Best Tips for Thrift Shopping
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Bottom Line

If you’ve always wanted to visit a thrift store, I hope these tips will make your first experience worthwhile. Also, if you have always visited and left regretting why you even went there in the first place, you might’ve not understood the method. Hopefully, these tips will help next time make the best of your thrift shopping.