Check Out These Cheapest States to Live In

If you are struggling to make ends meet, it might simply be because the state you live in is too costly. There are some areas in the country where you can make a lot of money and still feel inadequate, such as in New York. 

Did you ever consider relocating to a state where your dollar will stretch further? Previously, job opportunities and social groups determined where we lived, but not anymore. 


With the dawn of a new era of online business and remote employees, Americans have the opportunity to choose states based on quality of life. Up next we’re going to tell you about the cheapest states to live in the US. 

Check Out These Cheapest States to Live In
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The least expensive state to live in is Mississippi. It’s not as diverse as other states, but it’s got its own unique vibe. You can live here cheaper compared to any other state in the US. 

The state has more than 50 colleges and universities and is renowned for its deep sense of community. After a few months of living here, the traffic and smog woes will fade into the background.


Generally, the average cost of living in Mississippi is around 19% lower than the overall national price of living. The living wage of Mississippi is only $48,537, and it has the cheapest personal needs anywhere in the country.

Housing costs are around $795 monthly, and childcare costs of around $2,869 a year are the lowest in the country. Food, healthcare, and several other services are among the nation’s least costly, too.

Check Out These Cheapest States to Live In
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Arkansas has a moderate climate, which can be a perfect selling point for those who don’t prefer drastic temperature changes. The mild weather maintains lovely green landscapes throughout the year. It has a stable economy, for the most part.


The cities are packed with college students, and so you end up getting the dynamism of big-city life too. There are enormous opportunities for education no matter how old you are, which could help you increase your earnings.

Arkansas boasts America’s most affordable housing prices, with the regular residents spending only $708 monthly on rent or mortgage, which is half of what many Americans are paying, and the median home cost is $128,800.

Yet America’s second-cheapest cost of living comes with America’s second-lowest incomes. The living wage for Arkansas is $49,970. Here, lodging, electricity, food, and other expenditures are also considerably lower.

Check Out These Cheapest States to Live In
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Large cities, fantastic music, and good food. It is home to over 75 colleges and relatively high job opportunities throughout the state. Residents do not even have to pay federal income tax, and housing is less than $1000 per month.

If cities aren’t your niche and you want outdoors, Tennessee does have that, too. Great Smoky National Park covers more than 800 square miles and is the most viewed National Park in the United States. 

Tennessee’s living wage is $50,152, the highest on the list thus far, combined with the highest housing cost of $810, so far. Taxes in Tennessee are very low without state income tax, and the cost of food is meager as well.

Cities like Morristown see an average living cost below the national average that is 13%. Tennessee utilities are approximately or moderately above the monthly national average bill.


A lot of remote workers and small online businesses are starting to take the opportunity to switch to states where their dollar can be stretched much further.

Smaller towns and cities can still provide decent education, healthcare, and a sense of community, along with an improvement in your quality of life. Less traffic, cleaner air, cheaper housing, and even fewer taxes are a big draw.