5 Proven Tips to Build Your Career on Timesjobs

With fast-evolving technology and increasing automation, finding a job is becoming more challenging, but sites like Timesjobs can help.

Timesjobs.com is an online job search platform that allows people to look for the latest jobs by establishing contact with professional consultants and companies in their industry.


With amazing features, algorithms, and a few tricks that work in your favor, Timesjobs assists you to land your dream job effortlessly. Here are a few tips that will make your experience on Timesjob a success story.

1. Create an Exhaustive Profile

Your Timesjobs profile is your professional identity. It is the first thing that your recruiters see and frame a rough idea if you are the right candidate for the job they are offering. You must make sure that you have filled every single column on your profile, both mandatory and optional.

The recruiters on Timesjobs make sheer use of several parameters (like skills, experience, salary requirements, etc.) to search for the candidates who fit their bill. Therefore, having information on your complete professional history and abilities will significantly help increase your visibility on the platform.


A definitive set of your requirements will help convey your level of flexibility to the recruiters and facilitate effective communication.  The more information you provide on the platform, the more trust your application builds with the employers.

2. Customize Your Application

Employers want to see professionals who will be dedicated to their company. No one wants a person with generic skills and interests who wants to work at the organization just for the sole purpose of minting money. It is highly recommended that you present your varied interest in an organization when applying.

Moreover, you should customize your skills to fit the job description of the company in a compelling way. While pitching yourself, you must find a balance between your personal and professional motivation to join the enterprise. You must also answer the question “why you” in your application to make sure the recruiters remember you while making their decision.


3. Keep Up With the Clock

Job opportunities get updated in real-time on Timesjobs.com. So, it is essential to check the portal at least once every day to make sure you do not miss out on any new postings.

Recruiters often have a plethora of similar applications and hence are seldom patient. If you are approached by a recruiter on the platform, responding quickly is crucial, or you might end up losing the job prospect. 

4. Research Your Recruiters

To warrant effective communication, it is imperative to know about the companies you are applying for. Job recruitment is always a two-way process. In order to ensure an impactful relationship with your target job market, you must carry out brief research of your recruiters.

This not only allows you to predict the nature and demands of your job but also gives you an insight into the industry you are working in. While most job-seekers focus only on their own applications and requirements, knowing the necessities of your recruiters gives you an edge over your competitors.

5. Turn Yourself Into a Brand

Make sure that your resume highlights the achievements that make you out to be the master of your niche. Everything from your education to your extracurricular activities to your experience must unveil the fact that you are an expert in your chosen profession.

You must present yourself as an informed problem solver rather than a wide-eyed amateur. To do this, you need to be as detailed about your credentials as possible. Being vague about your skills is a major no-no. If you are a first-time job seeker with no experience, it is essential to emphasize your educational qualifications and internships.

Tips to Build Your Career With Timesjobs Conclusion

With job sites like Timesjobs, it is possible to find that dream job of yours. Use the proven tips to build your career our editors have helped to compile above for the most effective job-seeking approach. If you do everything above, expect to walk through the doors of your perfect job soon.